Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rejoicing in HIS plans!

You may remember just after returning from Ethiopia, I talked about a sweet sibling set we met in Mekele at the Bana Center (where Ely spent her first 6 weeks). They had been there only a few weeks. They had recently lost their parents. We played with them, ate with them, and they sat in our laps. They were so sweet, so healthy and loving. The little guy had the tiniest squeaky voice that made us laugh! The second day we were there, all the babies were picked up and taken to Gladney in Addis, leaving only these three and one other older toddler behind. The director of Bana told us "Today... they feel something in their hearts." That was for sure! When we walked in, they were sad and quiet. Probably confused that everyone else got to move on and had left them behind. We played with them and cheered them up- they were happy (and really sweaty!) by the time we left! But we knew they needed a family to love them and help restore their confidence! I talked about them HERE and HERE and thought and prayed for them all the time. I felt called to advocate for them and be a part of their story in some way, but I didn't know how.

Well, YESTERDAY a family I have never met in person, but love, accepted their referral! I'm so happy for the Knight Family AND for the "terrific trio!" Praise be to God, the only one who could redeem this story and these precious lives! Praying that court and embassy go quickly and these three sweeties can come home to start their new lives!!


Tracy said...

Oh, I'm so happy, happy, happy for the Knights and for these three precious kids! Praise the LORD!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Oh how wonderful! I think we met the same sibling group when we visited Mekele in August of this year and they have been on my heart since. I asked Terhas (from Gladney) about them and she said they were too old to take to Addis, that they likely wouldn't find a family for them -- it made me so sad. I've prayed for them often. Praise God for giving them a family!!

Lori said...

Thanks, Janet, for all of your love and prayers. When the kids can fully take in the part you've played in their lives, I hope to visit...or fly you guys here for a visit. That might be easier. :-)