Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update on Kebebe Tsehai- Caregivers and Diapers!

In August 2010, we started the Caregiver Sponsorship program at Kebebe Tsehai Government Orphanage in Ethiopia after our visit there in July 2010 (when we adopted Ely). You can read about that HERE and an update HERE. Within 10 days of starting this project, somewhere around 24 new caregivers had been sponsored! Praise the Lord- this helps those babies SO much and was SO needed! Many of those caregivers were hired out of the girls government orphange in Addis- Kechene, meaning those girls had aged out of the orphanage and were looking for a job, which can be very hard for a young homeless orphaned girl to find!

Recently, I asked Sara, our caseworker at Gladney how this fund was holding up. She said it was running low! So I'm asking again- will you help? Can you sponsor a caregiver at Kebebe Tsehai Orphanage in Ethiopia for only $35/month? (Note for families who have given before- I believe it was originally thought that it would be $70/month- If you paid that, which many families did, you paid for 2 years, which would be up this coming August).

Here's how- Send a check (tax deductable) to:
The Gladney Center for Adoption
ATTN: Sara Cox
6300 John Ryan Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76132

It can be any amount, but to sponsor 1 caregiver for a year, it costs $420. Write "Kebebe Tsehai" in the subject field. This is an ongoing project that you can donate any amount to at any time.

After Joe's trip to Ethiopia in November, he said "Something has to be done about the diaper situation at Kebebe Tsehai." The 75 babies At Kebebe are only changed twice in 24 hours- 4AM and 4PM regardless of the condition of their diaper (full, wet, dirty). If they are leaking- Oh well, have to wait until 4:00. Most of the babies (including several under a month old) had soaking wet diapers and terrible diaper rash! So very sad...

So I started researching diapers. The problem is that disposable diapers always run out! Especially with 75 babies using them! 10 (or so) per day- that makes 750 diapers A DAY! Even their 2 per day plan= 150 diapers a day! My contact in Ethiopia suggested I find re-usable/washable diapers, and assured me they would be able to wash them daily. So I began searching. Within days, I got connected with another adoptive Mom who had organized diaper donations in the past, and The Little Bee Company, a cloth diaper company who's mission is to donate diapers to orphanages around the world. To make a long story short, Christie happens to be going to Ethiopia in MARCH to do a "Diaper Drop" (where they deliver diapers and teach staff how to use them) through The Little Bee Company, and the orphanage she was planning on delivering them to had fallen through! So she switched to Kebebe Tsehai! Great timing, God!

How can you help?
*If you buy cloth diapers, buy them from the Little Bee Company! (They are REALLY cute, too!) For each one a customer buys, one is donated to Kebebe Tsehai (Buy one, Give one). Sidenote: I'm told cloth diapers make good swim diapers, too, which are really expensive! Maybe try one out for that purpose! I think I'll do this!
*If you DON'T buy cloth diapers, but want to help, you can buy one and TWO are donated to Kebebe Tsehai (Give one, Give one!). Just write "donate" in the comment field of check-out! They are roughly $20 each! Check out the link, consider buying one (or more!), and spread the word to friends/family! The goal is 275 diapers by March!

Check out these cute little diapers and buy some for Kebebe Tsehai HERE:
The Little Bee Company


Anonymous said...

I was browsing through the internet researching Kebebe Tsehay Orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I will be visiting Kenya in 2012 and will make a trip to Ethiopia to give them gifts of toys, reusable/washable diapers, sponsor some young ladies who take care of the babies at the orphanage and to personally let the staff know people are praying for them and this wonderful ministry.
I am very excited about this project. However, despite numerous online articles on Kebebe Tsehay Orphanage, I’m unable to get their contact address and phone number in Ethiopia. I have never been to Ethiopia and would appreciate any additional information you think would be useful. If you are unable to assist me, please let me know and I’ll enquire elsewhere.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Eryn said...

Janet...can you create a Facebook link for buying these cloth diapers? I think I may have several interested friends.

Robbins' Nest said...

hope all is well! my baby shower is tonight and I'm hoping the diaper donations are a huge success! can you pass along Christy's email to me? (the one who's going to KT in March to do the drop)? I have a few questions and Jona from the little bee just had a baby and is hard to get a hold of. THanks so much! Becca

Justin Michels said...

My wife and I also visited Kebebe in the spring of 2011 as our son was there for one month. We came to the same conclusion about the need for nannies. We have started a fund and will start to funnel money through our Adoption Agency to hire nannies. Any tips for us as we venture down the same path?

Thanks, Justin