Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kebebe Tsehai Government Orphanage Project

NOTE (in case anyone checks this blog anymore): My poor blog has been very neglected... That may have something to do with my two small (and very busy) children! I think I may finally have the energy to update from time to time... No guarantees... :)

BUT I must update about something very exciting! The Bellemes are starting a new venture- Fundraising for caregivers at Kebebe Tsehai Government Orphanage in Ethiopia. I have written about Kebebe here on my blog several times. It's the government orphanage we visited a few times while we were in ET adopting Elyana that we will NEVER forget. Here's how it works, you sponsor a caregiver at Kebebe Tsehai for $50/month ($600/year). They care for and love on babies. That's it! Here's what I love about this project: (1)It allows babies and kids the love and care they NEED and DESERVE AND (2)It gives young women jobs, which will help break the poverty cycle! It's a win-win.

We have recently partnered with Adera Foundation, who's goal is to improve lives of people in Ethiopia. Our part is to find sponsors for caregivers at Kebebe! You can read more and get involved at Adera's Website:

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